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Cindy Grant
Mount Pearl - Southlands
About Cindy Grant

Cindy Grants' history begins growing up in her home district of Mount Pearl-Southlands where both she and her parents both still reside today. Cindy is a lifelong resident of Mount Pearl-Southlands, graduating from O'Donel High and raising her family here, her roots in this district are stong.

Cindy has a background in the aviation industry, on the front lines which have allowed her to gain outstanding organizational skills while being highly adaptable and patient. She looks forward to using these skills as the MHA for Mount Pearl-Southlands.

Cindy has been involved with Crohn's & Colitis Canada. As a sufferer of Ulcerative Colitis, she is keenly aware of the stigma attached to these diseases. As an MHA, she looks forward to helping all those who struggle by being their strong voice in the House of Assembly, giving a voice to those who struggle to find one.

Cindy is an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community as well. Both Cindy and her daughter and were inspired to become involved with the annual Pride Parade in 2019 and to help share her story of coming out. This led to them launching #FreeHugsNL. The success of this campaign can be measured by the letters that they received from all over the world, many of which thanking them for giving others the confidence to talk to their own families about some of their own struggles and receive the support they yearned for.

Cindy's desire to help others is quite evident and has been a driving force throughout her life, she is dedicated and willing to listen to the concerns and issues the citizens of Mount Pearl-Southlands face each and every day.

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