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Shannon Tobin
Lake Melville

I was born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and spent most of my career working for our communities. I have the knowledge and experience to achieve great results for all the people who call Lake Melville home.

About Shannon Tobin

My name is Shannon John Tobin and I am running to be your next MHA for Lake Melville. I grew up in
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, and my early years were spent in Churchill Falls; my father, Gerald Tobin
worked for Newfoundland Telephone at the time and we lived in housing in the community. I appreciate
the connections I have to the Churchill Falls community and I have been fortunate enough to have spent
time in Churchill Falls throughout the years since moving, from fishing trips to minor hockey trips to
even many of the community visits I have been able to make throughout the years. Churchill Falls will
always have a special place in my heart as it was my first home. My father was transferred back to
Happy Valley-Goose Bay which worked out for my family because my mom Diane Tobin and her sisters
eventually took over the family business, Goose Sales and Service, started by my late Grandfather
Patrick W. Vickers.
My father took early retirement from Newfoundland Telephone to spend more time at home and help
raise his children, which eventually led him to run White Crescent Variety as it was just across from our
house. It was at White Crescent Variety that I had my first job where I worked as a stock boy from the
age of 12 and I have been working since then. Working in a family business environment has taught me
a great work ethic as well as what it means to serve the communities of Lake Melville. You learn that in
order to serve a customer who is in need, you sometimes need to work outside normal working hours
because putting in extra effort is something that helps not just the individuals you serve but the
communities, we all live in. 
The lessons I learned working for my family helped me when I began working for Keith Russell as his
Constituency Assistant. Every person who came through the door had either an inquiry or an issue that
needed resolution.  It was incumbent on me to work tirelessly to either answer or resolve each and
every issue they had.  It is extremely important for any member of our communities requiring answers
from elected officials to receive these solutions in a timely fashion to make their lives easier. 
I had the pleasure of serving as a Town Councillor for a year as the Chair of the Public Works Committee.
It was a great experience but upon Keith Russell attaining the position of Minister in the provincial
legislature, it forced my role as councillor into a significant conflict meaning I would not be able to
effectively work in both positions. Therefore, to give residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay a more
thorough representation, I resigned from Council and became the Executive Assistant to the Minister of
Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs.
It was in this role that I oversaw projects such as making the Labrador Flag an officially recognized
provincial symbol that was to be flown at Government buildings and the border, securing funds and
transporting wood that was cut from the Muskrat Falls Project to the communities of North West River,
Sheshatshiu, and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, so residents & seniors could access wood for their homes and
cabins as well as supply material to Sheshatshiu for a Lumber mill program. I learned crisis management
skills in this position when I was tasked to help assist in situations such as a water shortage in Hopedale,
a winter oil shortage in Rigolet, and assisting Black Tickle with the issues they were having with their
water system and its access to fuel for the winter. These experiences helped me learn how necessary it
is to be a proactive leader when dealing with situations that affect so many people. I was also able to
learn a great deal more about the Inuit of Labrador specifically their traditions and experiences by
having the opportunity to speak directly with elders from other communities. 
In November of 2015 I had to leave the position of EA as the government changed but it was good
timing as I was offered an opportunity to work with the newly elected Chief Eugene Hart of Sheshatshiu
Innu First Nation. I worked as Special Liaison to Chief Hart and was given the task similar to my previous
role which was to coordinate with other levels of government and organizations and to use the skills I
had acquired to actively lead communications on behalf of the Chief’s office. Working in Sheshatshiu has

been very rewarding as I have been able to learn a lot more than I could have ever known about the
Innu Community of Labrador. The traditions, stories, culture, and the sense of community that exists is
genuinely pure and wholesome. I have learned a great deal and it has allowed me to assist the
community to bridge many of the gaps that both federal and provincial services don’t accommodate in
the community. I have had the ability to sit at tables with leaders and advocate for change to make the
system more accommodating for the community; I found this much more rewarding on a personal level
than on a professional level.
The experiences I have been blessed with from growing up in Lake Melville and working here, have given
me a great sense of duty to do my best for our communities. Lake Melville deserves someone who
understands the issues that we face on a regular basis and someone who is able to articulate and
advocate for all residents. I believe my background has given me the experience necessary to be a
strong advocate for our region in the House of Assembly regardless of which side of the aisle I end up on
(opposition/government). Most importantly, I plan on being a strong voice for our communities to
achieve the best possible outcome for our residents.  I look forward to speaking with each and every
resident during this campaign to be your next MHA for Lake Melville.

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