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Sue Collins
Fogo Island - Cape Freels
About Sue Collins

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Ontario far away from any water. As soon as I stepped foot in Newfoundland I fell in love and wanted to make this province my home. I have lived in Hare Bay for nearly 20 years and since moving to our beautiful town I have been actively involved in our community’s development. I have been the chairperson of the Hare Bay Parks & Recreation Committee for the last 15 years. On this committee I am currently involved in the process of creating new programs, redeveloping our Municipal park and helping to employ local residents. I am the Small Town/Volunteer representative on the Board of Recreation NL. Volunteers are an integral part of every community and deserve support and recognition for their organizations, my dedication and experience as a volunteer offers me the insight to what is needed to provide that support.

I was a foster parent to three beautiful children, one of whom we still have regular contact with and I am Mom to her. I will be a voice for all children and I will bring my concerns of the system to government and hope to bring about the necessary changes to make life better for these little ones. I will advocate for everyone in my district, no matter their age, issue or status. Senior care and healthcare as a whole are also very important to me. I see many issues ranging from homecare accessibility, lack of beds and the quality of care people are receiving - not because the workers don’t care but because there are not enough caregivers or family doctors; having to travel long distances for appointments and long wait times. These are all issues that concern me and need attention.

I have been employed in the NL fishery for 4 years and I realize that our district is largely influenced by this industry. We have 3 large fishing companies that do business in our district and I feel that it is critical that we continue to foster and support the fishery in our province as a whole. In addition to the large companies, we also have a number of smaller companies that contribute greatly to our success.

The pandemic Staycation phenomenon has put the district on the forefront of peoples minds and we need to build on that momentum. We have some of the finest tourism sites in the province, The Dover Fault, The Barbour Premises, The Sandy Beaches of the Shore and the work of the Shore Fast Foundation on Fogo Island, to mention a few, have made the district a tourism haven. Tourism is very important to the Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy and as a government we need to encourage growth in this industry. I am a member of The Shore Tourism Association which is a group of volunteers committed to promoting tourism on our beautiful shore. My education and background will help me to ensure that the Tourism operators of Fogo Island Cape Freels get fair representation and encouragement from the government.

There is so much potential in the district for creating new business, strengthening existing business and encouraging job growth. We need to attract Remote Workers, as working from home has become common practice due to the pandemic. Newfoundland and Labrador boasts beautiful scenery and low housing pricing, who wouldn’t want to work in those conditions. The government needs to capitalize on these assets by improving access to internet and cell service, cutting red tape to make doing business easier, and providing proper resources to help get new and existing businesses.

My life and work experiences are a great asset to representing the general public in the House of Assembly. People who don’t generally know where to turn for help, I will help, I will speak for you. I am just like you. Anything that affects you – taxes, lack of jobs, limited access to healthcare – affects me and my family as well. I can relate to you and I can speak for you.

On February 13, 2021 let me get to work for you – Vote Sue Collins.

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