Ches Crosbie | PC Party of NL
Ches Crosbie
Leader of the Official Opposition

I want to make this province a better place to live with a brighter future.

About Ches Crosbie

Ches Crosbie is the leader of the Official Opposition for Newfoundland and Labrador and the leader of the PC Party.

After a successful career as a lawyer, where he established a winning track record of helping vulnerable people get justice, Ches turned his sights on public service in 2018 to bring jobs back to Newfoundland and Labrador and demand fairness from Ottawa.

Ches beat the odds and defied conventional wisdom in last year’s provincial election when he doubled the size of the PC caucus and reduced the Liberals to a minority government. He looks forward to finishing the job in the year ahead, so he can lead a new government that will get our province working again.

In addition to being a Rhodes Scholar, he knows firsthand what it means to meet a payroll and run a small business, having established a successful consumer law practice with his wife in 1991.

Ches learned much about public service from his parents, and about much else in life from his wife and their three children. He looks forward to learning even more from his new grandson.

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