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Statement from PC Leader Ches Crosbie:
"Andrew Furey must explain to the voters how he can justify this early, unnecessary, risky snap election.”
Thursday, January 28, 2021

(January 28, 2021) – Statement from PC Leader Ches Crosbie:

“The threat COVID-19 poses to our province is real, particularly in the Eastern Health region, where community spread is now a possibility. We need to remain vigilant and protect ourselves and others from the virus. That means washing our hands, wearing our masks, and limiting close contacts. It also means listening to the advice of public health officials.

As we learn more about the cluster, candidates may need to change the way they campaign so we can keep Newfoundlanders and Labradorians safe. We will adapt, as directed by public health officials.

But as I reflect on today’s news from Dr. Fitzgerald, I can’t help but be struck by the fact that it didn’t have to be this way. We didn’t need to have an election in the dead of winter, during a pandemic. The Liberals could have put public health before the interests of the governing party and held this election at a safer time, like during the summer and once more people – particularly those in our vulnerable populations – received vaccinations.

I’m certain that in the days to come, Premier Furey will face questions about why he chose to call this election, knowing full-well an outbreak of COVID-19 was a possibility.

But here is what the Premier must do now:

· Address the public and give us the latest details of his vaccination roll-out plan;

· Tell us what steps he’s taken to speed up the vaccination process, because many are concerned it’s rolling out too slowly;

· Contact the federal government in Ottawa to be assured that our vaccine supply is not being affected as other provinces have been or, if he has already done so, update the public because we have a right to know.

A safe and successful COVID-19 vaccination roll-out is key to our province’s success in the year ahead. We must get this right and I stand by to help.

And then, once we better understand the full scope of what we’re dealing with, Andrew Furey must explain to the voters how he can justify this early, unnecessary, risky snap election.”


David Maher

Director of Communications

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