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Crosbie urges Furey to show up at Labour debate
Crosbie says Furey continues to hide his plan for the province – an insult to voters.
Monday, February 1, 2021

(February 1, 2021) – PC Leader Ches Crosbie is calling on Andrew Furey to change his mind about skipping out on the upcoming Federation of Labour debate.

Crosbie notes Labour Federation President Mary Shortall resigned her position on the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT), calling the process “window dressing” and lacking transparency.

“The Premier is unwilling to face the music and explain himself directly to Federation of Labour membership,” said Crosbie. “Andrew Furey will stop at nothing to avoid talking about the Greene Report and the deep cuts and job losses he is planning.”

Andrew Furey has so far ignored calls from the PC Party for transparency about the Greene Report.

The Premier can direct Dame Moya Greene to draft an early version of her interim report before Election Day, but he refuses to do so. He can also remove non-disclosure agreements to allow PERT membership to speak freely about the process, which he has also refused to do.

Crosbie says Furey continues to hide his plan for the province – an insult to voters.

“The people of the province are smarter than Andrew Furey thinks they are. They don’t like hidden agendas, driven by experts in privatization and hidden from the public,” said Crosbie. “This election is the last chance for voters to say no to hidden agendas, cuts, and job losses and instead choose to grow our way out of this economic crisis.”

Crosbie says he is looking forward to attending the Federation of Labour debate Tuesday evening.


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