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Disturbing sexual assault numbers in Labrador a symptom of social inequality: Evans, Conway Ottenheimer
The Canadian Press recently reported sexual assaults in Labrador are more than four times the national average.
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

(May 12, 2021) – Lela Evans, PC Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation and Labrador Affairs and MHA for Torngat Mountains, says the recent story on sexual assault numbers in Labrador must be put into the proper context if real solutions are to be implemented.

The Canadian Press recently reported sexual assaults in Labrador are more than four times the national average.

Evans says she believes these numbers are a symptom of the larger inequality faced by Labradorians.

“Social inequality is real. Food insecurity, lack of adequate housing, and poverty have all contributed to the continuation of intergenerational trauma that originated with past governmental wrongs. I believe that the higher rates of sexual assault, incarceration, suicide, children in care are all symptoms of the continued failure for government to address inequality that Labradorians face,” said Evans.

“These numbers are alarming but we cannot deny them. Societal inequalities affect all Labradorians, but we know Indigenous populations are disproportionately harmed. We can rename every lake in the province, but if these ingrained, intergenerational inequalities are not addressed, the lives of Labradorians and Indigenous populations will continue to suffer.”

Helen Conway Ottenheimer, PC Shadow Minister of Women and Gender Equality, says far too often it is women who suffer because of social inequalities highlighted by Evans.

“This is a human rights issue that affects all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, but particularly women in the region. Women are affected disproportionately across society when there is social inequality,” said Conway Ottenheimer.

“It’s time for this government to recognize the social inequality faced by those living in Labrador. It affects everyone, but we know women are more frequently the victims of violence and are forced into unsafe situations due to inequality and discrimination.”

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