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Parents, students, teachers need 2021-22 School Plan now: Petten
Barry Petten is calling on Government to immediately release a detailed back to school plan for September.
Monday, August 9, 2021

(August 9, 2021) – Barry Petten, PC MHA for Conception Bay South and Shadow Minister for Education, is calling on Government to immediately release a detailed back to school plan for September.

“We’re a month away from bells ringing in the province’s schools, yet the Liberal government has released no details of the plan for the coming school year. Parents have questions about what their children will face in September,” said Petten.

“After last year’s bussing fiasco, they are rightly concerned about what September holds.”

Petten says all stakeholders need information to prepare for another challenging school year ahead.

“Parents, teachers, administration, staff and especially students need to be able to plan what the fall School year will look like. It is completely unacceptable we don’t know what bussing will look like, if high schools will use a blended model, will immunocompromised students be able to learn at home or if parents will be allowed to accompany their children on their first day of kindergarten,” said Petten.

“Whether masks are mandated in schools is another major question. With children under 12 still unable to be vaccinated, the Department will need to carefully consider what the recommendations are and how they can keep schools and the broader community. Is government planning mandatory vaccinations?”

Petten indicated his Caucus was looking forward to its first meeting with new NLTA President Trent Langdon this week to hear the concerns of teachers

“All stakeholders, including teachers, need answers to these fundamental questions,” said Petten.

“It is time for the Liberal Government to break its silence and lay out the plan for September so that everyone can prepare.”



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