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Motor Vehicle Registration delays continue to frustrate users: O’Driscoll
O'Driscoll says says the headaches continue for those trying to access Motor Vehicle Registration services.
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

(August 11, 2021) – Loyola O’Driscoll, PC Opposition Shadow Minister of Digital Government and Service NL and MHA for Ferryland, says the headaches continue for those trying to access Motor Vehicle Registration services.

O’Driscoll noted the entire PC Opposition Caucus has been inundated with complaints from residents and especially seniors who have not been able to get an appointment or have been turned away from in person counter service.

“This is absolutely ridiculous and completely unacceptable. After first saying Counter Service was being discontinued, the Minister did an about face and said there would be provisions made for in person service,” said O’Driscoll.

“However, our entire caucus continues to hear stories of residents waiting over a month for an appointment, or who cannot get an answer to their phone call or are simply being turned away at the door. This unreliable service cannot continue.”

O’Driscoll notes that the online booking service for MVR services is booked solid, with new appointments available in mid-September. That’s not helpful for those with time sensitive issues with their vehicles, he says.

“Canada’s borders are opening to the United States, yet the doors of MVR remain closed to full-time, in-person, walk-in service. It doesn’t make any sense. I worry people will go without their appointments, meaning more unregistered vehicles on the road and safety concerns as a result,” said O’Driscoll.

“It’s time for the Minister to end this confusion. I have to wonder whether privatization of MVR services is being worked on behind the scenes and the eroding of service levels is the first sign of what’s to come.”


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