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Heart attack patient denied access to medevac services until daylight: Evans
Evans says that a Nain family wants to raise the alarm over delays to medevac their father.
Friday, October 8, 2021

(October 8, 2021) – Lela Evans, PC Opposition Shadow Minister for the Labrador Affairs Secretariat and Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation and MHA for Torngat Mountains, says that a Nain family wants to raise the alarm over delays to medevac their father.

“Early Tuesday morning a Nain resident suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the clinic at roughly 3:00 a.m. His family was repeatedly told by clinic staff that the helicopter was on the way to medevac him. Finally, they were told that the helicopter was not coming; instead, the medevac would take place using a twin otter aircraft, which could not land in Nain until daylight.

“Nain airstrip doesn’t have runway lights and as a result the medevac aircraft did not depart Goose Bay until 6:30 a.m. A medevac should not be delayed until daylight when responding to a medical emergency such as a heart attack. This is not an acceptable response plan. Where else is this level of service tolerated?” said Evans.

Evans says Liberal minister after minister have promised action and delivered nothing.

“In October 2020 the Minister of Transportation responded to my questions in the House of Assembly by saying, ‘there cannot be a fixed wing that will come in after dark, but the sources of the search and rescue would come into assistance, should we ever need them.’

One year later, a Nain resident, having a heart attack, had to wait approximately 5 hours for daylight so fixed wing aircraft could land. Why are the people of Nain placed at risk again and again.”

The level of medical services in northern Labrador is substandard compared to the rest of our province. How can this government look at the people of Nain and say they can’t provide services once the sun goes down. In the winter, it can be too dark to fly for up to 14 hours a day,” says Evans.



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