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Healthcare services crumbling under Furey: Dinn
Dinn says that healthcare services and supports are crumbling under the Furey administration.
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

(January 18, 2022) – Paul Dinn, PC Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Health and Community Services and MHA for Topsail-Paradise says that healthcare services and supports are crumbling under the Furey administration.

“Just this past week in Labrador, we’ve heard reports of an elderly woman not being provided supports to eat in long-term care and a woman with Alzheimer’s in Wabush being forced to transfer to Happy Valley-Goose Bay or Corner Brook for care,” said Dinn.

“It is disgraceful that care for some of our most vulnerable residents has gotten to this point under the current administration.”

In addition to these specific examples in Labrador, the island portion of the province is also suffering from a lack of basic services.

“Both the Green Bay Health Centre in Springdale and the Dr. Wm H. Newhook Community Health Centre in Whitbourne have seen their emergency rooms closed due to a lack of staff at these facilities. On top of that, X-Ray services have seen disruptions in Baie Verte, New-Wes-Valley and on Fogo Island due to these same staffing issues,” says Dinn.

With basic services not provided or disrupted, patients can develop even more complications with their personal health.

“It’s time for the Furey administration to step up and resolve these issues. This government is beginning their 7th year in office and many of these issues are not new. Yes COVID was unexpected, but many of these issues could have been avoided with a proactive plan,” said Dinn.

“The Health Accord final report is due soon but the fact is we can’t wait – people’s health, and in some cases, their lives depend on it.”




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