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Government Failing West Coast Seniors with Cataracts: Brazil
Brazil says the Liberal government is failing seniors on the West Coast of the province requiring cataract surgery.
Friday, February 4, 2022

(February 4, 2022) – David Brazil, PC Official Opposition Leader and MHA for Conception Bay East – Bell Island, says the Liberal government is failing seniors on the West Coast of the province requiring cataract surgery.

Currently, cataract surgeries performed at a private clinic in Corner Brook are capped at a maximum allowable per year, even though the wait list continues to grow.

The issue of cataract surgery has been raised by Brazil on numerous occasions since the Liberals formed government in 2015 and the PC Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Children, Seniors and Social Development, Jeff Dwyer, has outlined the importance of cataract surgeries for allowing seniors to age with dignity at home as recently as this week.

“It’s time for government to remove the cap on cataract surgeries to help patients, primarily seniors, access this life changing surgery. The fact that we have qualified medical professionals willing to perform these surgeries and government is standing in their way is simply astonishing,” said Brazil.

“Lift the cap and it can fix the problem – it’s as simple as that.”

Recently, Independent MHA Eddie Joyce has also brought this issue to the forefront through media.

Dr. Justin French of the Apex Eye Institute has made the point that the 2000 procedures that they could perform would allow for more operating room time for cancer surgeries, joint replacements, and other procedures.

“I agree with the member for Bay of Islands and Dr. French that this Liberal government is standing in the way of seniors regaining their eyesight. Why has this government abandoned seniors on the West Coast of our province? This is a common sense solution to giving people back their dignity,” said Brazil.

“Our seniors built this province and they deserve access to basic medical care. This issue can be fixed with the stroke of a pen. The Liberal government needs to fix this now.”


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