Ready or Not for Full-Day Kindergarten?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016


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Ready or Not for Full-Day Kindergarten?


David Brazil, the Official Opposition critic for Education and Early Childhood Development, says, “Minister Kirby has been very vague when he should be giving parents and teachers a reason to be confident that the government is going to make the investments required to roll out full-day Kindergarten smoothly in 190 schools seven months from now.”


“With the Premier and the Finance Minister telling the province that everything is on the table when it comes to cuts, Minster Kirby’s statement that ‘we will be ready for September 2016’ rings hollow. Parents and teachers expect Minister Kirby to be a lot more definitive in assuring them that the government is absolutely committed to making the investments needed for full-day Kindergarten to proceed on schedule without any major hiccups,” said Brazil.


“When the Minister gave journalists a tour of a demonstration classroom on January 15, he issued a news release saying work ‘continues to progress’, preparations are ‘well underway’ and this is a ‘long-term investment’,” said Brazil. “Those statements are far from definitive.”


“The Minister referred to an assessment of the state of preparedness, which told the government that about 100 schools require renovations, four need extensions, 12 need modular classrooms and an indeterminate number will require team teaching in September as a ‘short-term solution’,” said Brazil. “The Kindergarten program will be play-based, so it will be essential to have the teaching resources and classroom spaces needed to allow that kind of learning to occur.”


“You can’t roll out full-day Kindergarten unless you’re prepared to invest in hiring enough teachers and meeting the infrastructure requirements. You can’t deliver full-day Kindergarten by half measures,” said Brazil. “Many schools will be severely challenged to deliver full-day Kindergarten if the government doesn’t come through with the teaching resources and spaces that they require.”


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