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Action, not platitudes, needed to address gender inequality: Conway Ottenheimer
Helen Conway Ottenheimer says there has been enough talk about helping women in Newfoundland and Labrador – it’s time for government to take action.
Tuesday, March 8, 2022

(March 8, 2022) – Helen Conway Ottenheimer, PC Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality and MHA for Harbour Main, says there has been enough talk about helping women in Newfoundland and Labrador – it’s time for government to take action.

“Women and gender-diverse individuals in this province need action, not talk, from this Liberal Government. Women in Newfoundland and Labrador are having a hard time just surviving. They need help. On the occasion of International Women’s Day I implore the Minister to address the concerns of women and community leaders who support them,” said Conway Ottenheimer.

Conway Ottenheimer says she’s met with a number of advocacy groups since taking office, each of whom are calling for action from government, not more platitudes.

“I am asking for the Minister to take definitive action on the following:

The High Cost of Living: The increases to food costs, energy costs, and transportation costs is being felt by women in this province and is leading to increased anxiety for mothers who are worried about how to afford healthy food for their children. The high costs of transportation is also being felt by some women who can no longer even afford to travel to a food bank.

Complex Mental Health Supports: Many organizations who support women and gender diverse organizations are reporting that their client’s mental health needs are becoming more complex and that there must be more in-person and virtual counselling services accessible.

Violence Prevention Initiative: The Office of Women and Gender Equality must conduct and release an analysis of the effectiveness of this plan and then must work with stakeholders and community leaders to develop and release another Violence Prevention Action Plan.

Pay Equity Legislation: For too long we have been told to wait for this legislation. It’s long past due for this legislation to be debated in the House of Assembly. In Canada, women make 76.8 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

Support for Organizations Which Support Women and Gender-Diverse Communities: Organizations on the front lines helping women and gender-diverse individuals need sustainable core program multi-year funding, government needs to approve multi-year program funding so these non-profits can have certainty about what programming they can offer years into the future. In many cases it isn’t about providing new funding, but providing multi-year certainty.”

“This pandemic has left women and non-binary individuals further behind. They are impacted by the high cost of living, they earn less on average than men, are facing food and housing insecurity, and are dealing with many complex substance abuse and mental health needs,” said Conway Ottenheimer.

“Since being elected, the Liberal government has been silent on key issues affecting women and gender-diverse people. Enough talk. It’s time to act today.”



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