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Couple of 73 years separated by the Healthcare system deeply upsetting: Dinn
Paul Dinn continues to hear the sad and troubling stories of seniors spending days alone even as COVID-19 restrictions ease.
Wednesday, March 9, 2022

(March 9, 2022) – Paul Dinn, PC Official Shadow Minister for Health and Community Services and MHA for Topsail-Paradise, continues to hear the sad and troubling stories of seniors spending days alone even as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“During the past two years the number of calls concerning parents and grandparents in isolation and not seeing loved ones on a regular basis was huge. Hearing of loved ones dying alone, restricted funerals and family not being able to say goodbye became common during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dinn.

“Now as COVID-19 restrictions ease the longstanding problems with regards to treatment of our elderly and long term care remain.”

Dinn says his office has received multiple calls from families facing these difficult situations.

“I was just recently contacted by family regarding their grandparents, both in their mid-nineties. The grandfather was moved to the Health Sciences Center due to COVID-19 and as the result of an assessment remains in a three person room awaiting a level 3 Long-Term Care (LTC) bed while his wife of 73 years remains at a level 2 home,” said Dinn.

“Apparently there are LTC beds available in the province but no staff to oversee and it is probable they may never get time to spend together.”

Dinn noted the Health Accord will bring light to a lot of issues but many are not new and need immediate attention.

“I applaud the work of the Health Accord, but government needs to take immediate action to assist in these difficult situations. When will they act immediately on these long standing concerns? We know the effects of social isolation on our seniors, and the Health Accord has pointed out the need to provide our elderly with ‘autonomy, choice, respect and dignity,’” said Dinn.

“Why have government waited seven years to act on what was clearly evident? Our health care professionals have been sounding the alarm for years. Government does not need to wait for the Health Accord implementation plan they can take a proactive step and start to address these issues now. Our elderly and their families deserve respect and their dignity”



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