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Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can’t wait until fall for rebate: Wakeham
Tony Wakeham says the people of Newfoundland and Labrador need their home heating rebates now.
Wednesday, June 8, 2022

(June 8, 2022) – Tony Wakeham, PC Official Opposition Shadow Minister of Finance and MHA for Stephenville- Port au Port, says the people of Newfoundland and Labrador need their home heating rebates now.

“The PC Official Opposition has been calling for a home heat rebate program for six months. While the Liberal Government has reluctantly admitted that a rebate program is needed, they are making people wait for the fall,” said Wakeham.

“It was a long, cold winter and we’re hearing calls from seniors with large debts to fuel companies. People cannot afford to wait until the fall for their relief. They need money in their pockets now.

Wakeham continued by drawing attention to those who need the rebate to pay off their heating bills.

“I’ve recently heard from a resident of this province who is behind on his oil payments. He owes $2,500 to an oil company and is worried they will stop delivering oil to his house. This individual desperately needs the rebate to pay down his heating debt,” said Wakeham.

“The people of this province are hit hard with the rising costs of food and fuel. It is appalling that the Liberals are forcing them to wait for a home heating rebate.”

Wakeham says it’s tone deaf for government to force people to wait for relief.

“This Liberal Government, under the watch of Premier Furey and Minister Coady, has a track record of ignoring the cries of residents who cannot afford to heat their homes, put gasoline in their cars, or feed their families. The Liberals are out of touch with the needs of the people of the province – when they needed relief, the Liberals upped the carbon tax,” said Wakeham.

“The PC Opposition will continue to stand up for the people and demand action. We will not let the Liberals continue to ignore the very people they were elected to help.”



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