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Commission Does Not Take Politics Out of Appointments


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the Ball Liberals have failed to live up to their election promise to take politics out of appointments.


The 2015 Liberal Red Book stated: “A New Liberal Government will establish an Independent Appointments Commission to take politics out of government appointments.”


But under the government’s legislation, the recommendations of the new Independent Appointments Commission will be “non-binding”.


Davis said, “We are supportive of the concept of an appointments commission, however have concerns with the legislation in its current form. The new commission will send a pool of names to the Ball Cabinet, and the Cabinet – in complete secrecy – will choose the person they want. Nothing will prevent the Liberals from appointing their political friends under the veil of Cabinet secrecy.”


Davis said the legislation even gives the Cabinet the ability to avoid the commission entirely when they argue that circumstances are “urgent or extenuating”.


Indeed, under Schedule C of the Bill, there are six pages of entities whose appointments will not even go before the commission.


“The Ball Liberals led Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to believe they would be taking politics out of appointments. But in reality, they are creating a smokescreen that will let them appoint anyone they choose in absolute secrecy while pretending that those appointments were the result of an independent, non-partisan and nonpolitical process,” said Davis.




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