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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016


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100 Days of Uncertainty


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said there is very little to show for the Ball administration’s first 100 days in office except uncertainty.


“There has been a lack of leadership in advocating for the people of the province, little action to address needs here at home, and no evidence of a long-term plan, which has led to uncertainty. On the frontlines of service delivery and in the streets, people are concerned,” said Davis.


The bond-rating agencies are uncertain about the Ball government’s plans and responded accordingly with credit outlook downgrades after the government canceled the HST increase despite a serious revenue shortfall and said their long-term plan could be delayed by a year or more.


Public employees and citizens are uncertain after the Ball government asked departments and agencies to find 30% in cost savings and warned that everything is on the table for cuts.


Seniors are uncertain after the government canceled plans to create 360 new long-term care spaces.


Everyone is uncertain because of the new government’s waffling on everything from layoffs to privatization, from the HST to new hospitals, from Muskrat Falls to discretionary travel.


They promised openness, yet have repeatedly denied information to the Opposition, the media and the public on what they are doing and planning.


They promised transparency and accountability, yet brought forward as their flagship first Bill an independent appointments commission that is not independent and cannot appoint, but is merely a smokescreen to allow Cabinet to appoint at their own discretion in secrecy behind a veil of legitimacy.


They promised a new progressive relationship with Ottawa that would deliver results, yet have failed to stand up for sufficient fiscal relief or equalization reforms, for the CETA fisheries fund, for lower Marine Atlantic ferry rates, for the food fishery, for Aboriginal inquiry meetings in this province or for anything that might put them in conflict with their Liberal cousins.


What’s worse, their second 100 days looms over the province like an axe as people await the Budget.




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