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Nothing less than a High School announcement needed for Paradise: Dinn
MHA Paul Dinn says he is extremely pleased with how the community has come together to advocate for a much needed high school in Paradise.
Friday, September 22, 2023

(September 22, 2023, St. John’s): Paul Dinn, MHA for Topsail-Paradise, says he is extremely pleased with how the community has come together to advocate for a much needed high school in Paradise.

“I’ve been advocating for a high school for some time and when I saw a social media group formed, Paradise Needs a High School, I reached out and offered to host a meeting to have further discussion. The response was over whelming and there was such insightful and informed dialogue,” said Dinn.

“As a result, parents have organized and have a plan going forward that will accept nothing less than a high school announcement in the upcoming budget. “

There are currently over 2500 students enrolled in the elementary schools and intermediate school in Paradise and an additional 3300 enrolled in the intermediate/ high schools in neighboring communities. Hundreds of students are being bussed out of Paradise on a daily basis to these nearby schools.

Newly appointed chair of the Parents for A Paradise High School committee, Erin Furlong, is adamant in saying: “The school system in Paradise is failing. It’s failing not only the students here in our town, but the students in the neighboring schools who are affected by overcrowded classrooms. All the statistics and forecasts point to the dire need for a high school in Paradise. ”

Kayla Quinlan, who started the social media group, is extremely pleased with the progress to date and said: “The whole process has been outstanding and the response from parents has been nothing but supportive. I am confident that this community approach will have a positive result and children will be able to attend high school in their community.”

The 2014-2015 long term capital submission of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development included a request for a new intermediate school (Grade 5-8) and a new high school (Grade 9-12) for the Paradise area.

“A lot of work has been completed with regards to enrollment projections and all numbers point towards the need for a high school in Paradise sooner rather than later. This was a priority of the English School District in 2015 and was deferred by the Liberal government indefinitely,” said Dinn.

“The time is now for a high school.”




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