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Tony Wakeham, PC Official Opposition Leader thanks David Brazil for his tremendous legacy of public service
Tony Wakeham is expressing his tremendous gratitude on behalf of the PC Caucus and Party for the longstanding service of MHA David Brazil
Friday, November 10, 2023

(November 10, 2023, St. John’s): PC Party Leader and MHA for Stephenville – Port au Port, Tony Wakeham, is expressing his tremendous gratitude on behalf of the PC Caucus and Party for the longstanding service of MHA David Brazil, who announced he will be stepping down as MHA on December 29, 2023.

“David has served as the Member of the House of Assembly for Conception Bay East-Bell Island since 2010, when he stepped up to replace the late Dianne Whelan. Just like Dianne, David persevered in his commitment to public service even when personal health concerns made that a challenge. It was always people first, and that is the mark of a true public servant.”

“David also served as a provincial Cabinet Minister while the PC government was in office, and took that experience with him into Opposition, where he proved to be a vigorous and formidable opponent for every cabinet minister and Premier he faced.”

“During our leadership transition, David dutifully stepped up to lead our Party and our Caucus in the House. He led according to his own unique style, with a determination to be cooperative and collaborative when situations called for it, and even complimentary when the government listened, but he was not afraid to take the government on when they failed to do what was required. During his tenure, our Party rose in the polls and now stands even with the government of the day – an incredible feat for a Party in a time of transition.”

“David is a true friend of all of us and will be missed around the table. But the days of calling on him for sage advice are not over. He will be an essential part of our ranks moving forward, and will be recognized for his role in achieving the electoral victories we are working hard to earn. To David and his family, we extend our sincere best wishes for the years to come. Newfoundland and Labrador owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude for all he has done in elected office. He is a worthy role model for those who will follow in his footsteps.”

“May his future years be healthy and fulfilling, with a bit more time to relax at his favourite corners of Conception Bay East-Bell Island, where he is known by everyone simply as ‘Brazil’ and considered to be one of the family, just as he is around our tables.”’




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