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Breaking Point: Parrott Highlights Critical Housing Needs in Labrador
Lloyd Parrott is urging the Liberal government to take immediate action in response to the housing crisis on the north coast of Labrador.
Monday, November 27, 2023

(November 27, 2023, St. John’s): Lloyd Parrott, PC Shadow Minister for Labrador Affairs, and MHA for Terra Nova, is urging the Liberal government to take immediate action in response to the housing crisis on the north coast of Labrador. This call to action comes in the wake of concerns heard by the PC Caucus followed up by a CBC Investigates article that exposed shocking revelations about the deplorable living conditions faced by residents in the region.

"While Canada grapples with a cost-of-living and housing emergency, the people of Labrador have known nothing else. For decades, they've watched vacant social housing units rot and fall into states of disrepair. We're past the point of studying the issue just to tick off another box; it is time for meaningful, tangible solutions to be actioned upon. The people of Labrador deserve it," noted Parrott.

Instead of sitting in St. John's drawing up studies and ticking off boxes, the Liberals need to visit these northern communities and experience their deplorable living conditions firsthand. The need for apologies for the intergenerational suffering is nothing but lip service without action. This government is once again failing to provide basic human needs.

Parrott emphasizes the urgency by pointing to the alarming housing needs assessment undertaken by the Nunatsiavut government in 2018. The report reveals that 78 per cent of homes in communities along the north coast are in need of major repairs. It is sad that in 2023, Furey and his Liberal colleagues do not understand that the cost of business in Labrador is much higher. Unfortunately the longer they ignore that fact, the worse the situation gets, and the cost of the consequences far outweighs the cost of action

"The people of Labrador deserve an immediate change to help those who are living in disgraceful conditions and overcrowded houses. As we see deplorable homes past the point of no return, you have to wonder where the priorities of the Premier and his Liberal government lie, because they certainly aren't with the people of Labrador who are struggling to put a safe, reliable roof over their heads."




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