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Food bank usage among seniors is a provincial disgrace: Wakeham
Wakeham is raising further concerns about the level of food bank usage among our province’s seniors.
Friday, December 1, 2023

(December 1, 2023, St. John’s):Tony Wakeham, PC Official Opposition Leader, and MHA for Stephenville-Port au Port, is raising further concerns about the level of food bank usage among our province’s seniors.

Wakeham was reacting to a CBC article this morning that noted Newfoundland & Labrador has the highest percentage of food bank usage among seniors in the country. The same report, HungerCount also noted that our province leads the country in the rate of food bank usage among people aged 45-64.

“A third of our seniors cannot afford the basics of life. Let that sink in. Seniors who have given their lives to our province, have supported their families, have been leaders through their life are now forced below the poverty line. After a decade of Liberal Government, seniors lives have not improved – they’ve gotten worse. This is an appalling indictment on the failure of the Liberals to support our seniors in their golden years. The cost of living has exploded, fuelled by the Liberals carbon tax and sugar tax. It is astonishing the Liberals continue to defend these regressive taxes,” said Wakeham.

Wakeham reminds us that the NL Seniors Advocate delivered a scathing report in mid-November on the provinces failure to help lift seniors out of poverty, noting many cannot afford to eat, cannot afford medication or basic necessities.

“Connection for Seniors is the latest group to draw attention to the exploding demand for food banks among seniors, noting demand has tripled in the last two years. How many more reports do the Liberals need to see before they finally take action?” questioned Wakeham.

“Seniors need a hand up, not a hand out! A PC government I lead will cancel the sugar tax, index the seniors benefit to inflation, and lead the charge to end the carbon tax for good so we can offer real hope to seniors across the province because of the Liberal’s failure to lead.”




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