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Addressing the Cost-Of-Living Requires Action Over Ads: Wakeham
Wakeham is raising concerns about the motives behind the recent advertising campaign by the Liberal government.
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

(December 6, 2023, St. John’s):Today, PC Leader and MHA for Stephenville-Port au Port, Tony Wakeham, is raising concerns about the motives behind the recent advertising campaign by the Liberal government. This comes amidst a provincial cost-of-living crisis leading up to the Christmas season, prompting Wakeham to question the priorities of the Liberal Premier.

“While thousands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are out there struggling, wondering how they will afford to eat this Christmas, the Liberals began running expensive ads on television, radio, and social media costing hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Wakeham.

This past fall, the Seniors’ Advocate reported that one third of our province’s seniors can’t afford to meet their basic needs. Wakeham says the new publicly funded advertisements provide little comfort to those who are suffering province wide.

“We have people living in tents, 60 per cent of our seniors going without food, and 57 per cent cannot afford to buy their medication. It is absolutely appalling that the Liberals would have the nerve to use hundreds of thousands of tax payer’s dollars to advance Liberal talking points while so many people out there are struggling,” said Wakeham.

“We have the highest level of food bank use in the country among our seniors, and the Liberal response is to run ads on the evening news telling people how great things are. Instead of funding feel-good Liberal talking points, the Premier should have used the funds towards indexing the Seniors’ Benefit to inflation,” said Wakeham. “It is simply unbelievable the Liberals are so out of touch with the daily realties facing people in this province.”

“Governing is about choices. The Premier chose to pit his political future up against the backs of our province’s seniors and others who are struggling. A government I lead will always put people before politics. Leadership demands action.”




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