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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016


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Saskatchewan’s Premier Asked for Equalization Help;


Why Didn’t Newfoundland and Labrador’s?


In the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, asked Premier Ball if he is confident that he has done everything he can to lobby the federal government to provide the emergency assistance we need to avoid deep cuts in the 2016 provincial budget.


“Along with other oil-producing provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan, our province faces significant financial challenges. We are by no means in a unique situation. I ask the Premier today if he is confident he has made every available effort to lobby the federal government for additional funding and additional assistance, and will extra funding and support from the federal government be identified in tomorrow’s budget?” Davis asked.


Saskatchewan recently announced that it expects to run a $427 million deficit in 2015-16 – far different from the $100 million surplus they projected a year ago; and they also expected to run a deficit of $259 million in 2016-17. The reason is primarily the fall in oil revenues worldwide.


In March, Premier Wall said he’d like Saskatchewan to get at least $570 million in new funding in the federal budget. That’s the amount the province will pay into the equalization program this year.


In December, Premier Wall said because of the lag in revising equalization entitlements, Saskatchewan is sending money to Ottawa when its resource economy is struggling – and the same is true for other energy-dependent provinces, such as Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador. "It might be time for the federal government, not through a direct bailout to any sort of sector, but to realize that Newfoundland and Labrador... Alberta and Saskatchewan perhaps should be provided some of that [money] back," Premier Wall said.


In August, Premier Wall again questioned the fairness of the equalization formula, saying there is a lag time in recalculating equalization when resource prices drop – “but yet there will be a lag of three to five years before that works its way through the formula, and that could be modernized in my view,” Premier Wall said.


Davis said, “It is good to see a Premier fighting for our province – even though that Premier is the Premier of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan’s Premier is going to the wall while our province’s Premier is dropping the ball.”




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