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Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016


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2016 Budget is a Devastating Attack


On Families and Our Economy, Says Davis


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the Ball government’s first of two 2016 budgets is an absolutely devastating attack on seniors, youth, families and economic opportunities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.


“Facing a fiscal crisis caused by tanking oil prices, the Ball Liberals not only refused to join western oil provinces in demanding Ottawa step up with emergency aid, but refused to develop their own balanced multi-year plan to get us through this crisis without crushing families or smothering opportunities for growth. Instead, they have bulldozed ahead without a plan, betraying every promise they were elected to deliver. Fifty new fees, 300 increased fees, nearly $900 million in higher taxes, 30% cuts to youth organizations – the list goes on page after page after page. Is this the stronger tomorrow people expected?


“Instead of taking our approach of developing a balanced multi-year plan for finding efficiencies, partnering with the private sector for service delivery and growth, raising revenues strategically while safeguarding the vulnerable and demanding Ottawa’s participation, the Ball Liberals have gone on a ‘tax-and-axe’ rampage. They are emptying the pockets of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to make up for hundreds of millions in lost oil revenues because they have no idea how to govern or to drive our economy forward. What’s more, they are using their consultation process to blame people for the crushing budget they’ve just delivered.


“Instead of leading us forward to a stronger tomorrow, they have sent our province reeling backwards to the darkest days of the nineties. The disparity between our standard of living and that of other Canadians has just gotten wider. Now we can see what’s behind the red door.”




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@pcOppositionNL on Twitter:


Today's budget is devastating to the people of our province. It reduces the standard of living for each and every family. #nlpoli #Budget16


PC Leader Paul Davis "the Liberal budget is devastating for the people of NL" #nlpoli


PC Leader Davis "The Liberals Budget will smother the economy" Is this the "stronger tomorrow" they promised? #nlpoli


Budgets are about choices. Other provinces invest in their ppl. NL Gov made a choice today to hit each and every NL'er #Budget2016 #nlpoli


This budget is an attack on Seniors, Youth, Rural NL & Middle Class. Is this the Stronger Tomorrow that Libs promised? #nlpoli #Budget2016


Lib Budget 2016- home heating rebate program eliminated #nlpoli #peopledeservebetter


Lib 2016 budget- Prov Drug Program coverage for over the counter drugs gone/Diabetic Test Strips limited #peopledeservebetter #nlpoli


Lib Budget 2016 adds new taxes - levy for every person (range from $300 to $900) over $20,000 #peopledeservebetter #nlpoli


Lib Budget 2016- increases gas tax effective June 2 by 16.5 cents litre #nlpoli #peopledeservebetter


Liberal 2016 budget increases cost of cigarettes and fine cut tobacco effective tonight #nlpoli


Liberals Budget 2016 breaks promise and raises HST to 15 percent effective July 1 #nlpoli #anotherbrokenpromise


Liberals eliminated Home Heating Rebate, Reduced funds to Drug Program & Health Care. This impacts our most vulnerable #Budget2016 #nlpoli


Liberal Budget 2016- personal income taxes increased/ corporate income tax increased #nlpoli #peopledeservebetter


Where is the Liberal promised plan to diversify and stimulate the economy? #nlpoli #peopledeservebetter


Liberal Budget 2016 includes closure of supreme courts in Grand Falls-Windsor, Grand Bank, and Prov courts in HrGrace and Wabush #nlpoli


Liberal Budget 2016- 24 hour snowclearing on prov roads and highways eliminated #nlpoli #peopledeservebetter


Big hit on recreation in Lib 2016 budget-SportNL funding reduced, Rec NL programs reduced, jumpstart funding eliminated #nlpoli


Liberal Budget 2016- air foodlift subsidy program for Labrador discontinued #nlpoli


2016 Budget is a Devastating Attack On Families and Our Economy @PaulDavisMHA #TaxandAxeNL #nlpoli #Budget2016


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Highlights: Seafood, Innovation, Diversification, Mining, Energy, Forestry, Agriculture


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