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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016


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People Understand the Budget All Too Well: Davis


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, takes great issue with remarks by the Premier and the Finance Minister that people do not understand the 2016 Budget.


“People understand the Liberals’ 2016 Budget all too well. What they do not understand is how the province ended up with this Budget after the Liberals — just five months ago, with a clear understanding of our financial predicament — promised a reversal of tax increases and no job losses,” said Davis.


“In fact, just days before the Budget was released, the Finance Minister herself was saying ‘There is not one single choice in this budget — not one — that is a happy one’ and ‘Every decision we make will impact somebody somewhere and probably not in a good way’.”


“Now that people are outraged — even within the Liberals' own Caucus and Party — the Premier is saying there are good things in the budget, but people simply don’t understand it. That line of argument is insulting to people’s intelligence. What people want is not a whitewash of the worst budget in memory. What they want is changes — removal of the destructive levy, and a balanced plan that deals with the revenue challenge without hurting people and destroying our economy,” said Davis. “What’s even worse is the further cuts planned for the fall budget and the persistent uncertainty that will strangle our economy as people already suffering from this round of cuts brace for the next round.”


Davis said people will not stop criticizing this Budget until it is changed, and he warns the Liberals not to embark on a public relations exercise to pretend the Budget is anything other than what it is. “The Liberals have the power to stop the harsh criticism of the Budget by either changing it or voting against it.”




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