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Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016


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Former Nalcor CEO’s Statement Calls Into Question the Honesty of Premier Ball and Natural Resources Minister Coady


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said information in a statement released on Monday by former Nalcor CEO Ed Martin calls into question the honesty of Premier Dwight Ball and Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady with respect to statements made on severance to the former CEO of Nalcor.


Davis said the information provided by Mr. Martin directly contradicts statements by Premier Ball and Minister Coady.


Mr. Martin stated: “…I met with the Premier, his Chief of Staff, and the Minister of Natural Resources on April 17. … I suggested these two options: (a) Staying on… or, (b) Leaving with my contractual severance being paid out to me…. Minister Coady had requested and received a copy of my Employment Contract several weeks prior. I met again with the Premier, his Chief of Staff and the Minister of Natural Resources on April 19, at which time the Premier indicated that the government felt that option (b) was the way to proceed….”


Premier Ball has stated repeatedly that he did not have discussions about severance with Mr. Martin.


Minister Coady said she had not seen Mr. Martin’s contract.


Davis said the review by the Auditor General that the Premier commissioned on the weekend is too narrow to get at the most grievous issue, which is whether the Premier and his Minister were truthful to the people of the province about what they did and what they knew.


“Based on the information to date, Premier Ball has deliberately misled the people of our province. He has been asked numerous times to provide the truth on the resignation of Mr. Martin and has changed his position daily. Mr. Martin’s statement calls into question the honesty and integrity of the Office of the Premier and his Natural Resources Minister, and that is gravely disturbing. The process should allow the full truth of these matters to be exposed and the Premier and his Minister to be held to account for what they did, what they knew and what they have said,” said Davis. “The people deserve the truth.”




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