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Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016


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Spring Sitting a Rude Awakening for the People of Newfoundland and Labrador


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “The spring sitting of the legislature has been a rude awakening for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, who are outraged that the government they elected just six months ago is delivering the opposite of what they promised.”


“Instead of delivering a stronger tomorrow and a plan that they promised, the Liberals have pummeled people with massive tax increases and literally hundreds of fee increases while cutting essential services at the same time that they are increasing spending in areas that are not priorities.


“Instead of driving new growth, the Liberals have smothered our economy and shaken the confidence of consumers, investors and lenders. Their own Budget document admits that the choices they are making will lead to the loss of 33,000 jobs and 20,000 people within the next five years – an impact equivalent to the cod moratorium – the opposite of the growth they promised.


“People cannot trust the government’s leadership, all the more after their honesty and integrity was called into question over their mishandling with the severance scandal at Nalcor Energy. They broke their promise on releasing a Justice report on severance, broke their promise on informing the public 24 hours in advance of the Budget vote, broke their promise on making the new appointments process independent of political interference, broke their promise not to rush legislation through the House, broke their promise not to cut jobs, broke their promise on the HST, broke their promise on the new Waterford Hospital. They have cut primary health care while closing libraries and schools, increasing class sizes and denying children the opportunity to study in French.


“They have adamantly refused to demand that Ottawa step up with a fisheries fund or the assistance we’re entitled to under the Constitution. The main reason for the fiscal shortfall is the collapse of oil revenues brought on by the collapse of oil prices around the world. If the Liberals had been fighting Ottawa for equalization help instead of ridiculously blaming the previous administration for the global collapse of oil prices, we could be getting the kind of equalization assistance that other provinces are getting this year for their own revenue shortfalls - $1.7 billion each for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba, and even more than that for Ontario and Quebec.


"No wonder people are so outraged by this government’s choices. The Liberals entered the Spring session with 66 per cent public support, and left with 75 per cent of the people of the province dissatisfied,” said Davis.




Media Contact: Heather MacLean, Director of Communications, Office of the Official Opposition,


(709) 729 6105, heathermaclean@gov.nl.ca


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