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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016


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Ball Government’s 200-Day Report Card: F’s Across the Board




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said tomorrow, June 30, marks the Ball government’s 200th day in office, and the report card on their first 200 days is showing nothing but F’s across the board.




“No student in Newfoundland and Labrador would want to bring home a report card as dismal as this,” said Davis.




“The Official Opposition has accounted for the performance of the Ball government on a 200-day report card under seven broad headings – taxes, jobs, education, economy, health/seniors’ care, merit-based appointments and accountability/integrity – and under all of these headings, the Liberals have failed to keep their promises, shoulder their obligations or meet the expectations of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Davis.




“Instead of reducing taxes, they have driven them through the roof. Instead of protecting jobs, they have axed them. Instead of investing in education, they have cut schools, teachers and programs. Instead of growing the economy, they are triggering a recession. Instead of expanding seniors’ care, they have cancelled new long-term care spaces for hundreds of seniors, closed others and cut the Prescription Drug Program. Instead of taking politics out of government appointments, they have given Cabinet the power to ignore their new appointments commission and not disclose when their recommended appointees are not appointed. Instead of bringing openness and transparency, the Premier has repeatedly been misleading, changing information, and as a result has lost the trust of the people,” said Davis.




“People were promised better and they deserve better than the Ball Liberals have delivered. Instead of delivering the stronger tomorrow they promised, they are undermining our province’s economy, destroying opportunities and impacting people,” said Davis.








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Promise: “reverse the HST increase” … “simplify the tax system and reduce costs for both government and taxpayers”


Grade F


Backtracked on reversing the HST increase. Then hit people with a levy, plus increases in gas tax, personal income tax, tax on insurance, and other taxes. Plus hundreds of fee increases.






Promise: “Cutting jobs is not part of our plan”


Grade F


Cut jobs, directly and indirectly. More cuts are expected to follow. The Liberal Budget projects 33,000 job losses within five years.






Promise: “investing in our future through education”


Grade F


Teacher cuts, school closures, program cuts, library closures.






Promise: “Population growth is critical to the future of our province, and Liberals consider it a top priority. A New Liberal Government will focus on building a stronger, more diversified economy that supports business growth and job creation.”


Grade F


Budget 2016, with its tax hikes and job cuts, will trigger a recession in 2017 according to the Conference Board of Canada, and cost our province 20,000 residents and 33,000 jobs within five years according to the Liberal budget documents. The Liberals revealed that their budget choices will account for declines of 40 to 50 per cent in broad measures of economic activity.






Promise: “expand senior care”


Grade F


Cancelled plans to provide new long-term care spaces for hundreds of seniors; closed Masonic Park, removing these long-term care spaces from the system; cut the Prescription Drug Program which includes reductions to adult dental, diabetic test strips and over the counter drugs, reductions in rural healthcare delivery, and reductions in breast cancer screening.






Promise: “take politics out of government appointments”


Grade F


Bill 1 gives Cabinet the power to ignore the recommendations of the Independent Appointments Commission and appoint anyone they want without disclosing to the public their appointee was not recommended by the commission. The commission does not have the authority to appoint, just recommend.






Promise: “restore openness, transparency, and accountability to government”


Grade F


Badly mishandled the replacement and compensation of the former CEO of Nalcor, refused to provide answers or release an internal report on the matter. The integrity of the Premier has been publicly called into question.



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