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Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016


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Premier’s Office in Disarray at Critical Time




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “With more budget cuts expected just weeks from now, people are taken aback by the complete disarray they see in the Premier’s Office, with even more staff walking away while the Premier openly talks about needing new blood and new ideas. It hardly inspires confidence that the government has a plan and knows what it is doing.”




In recent weeks, the Premier has had:


· the deputy chief of staff walk away;


· a new co-chief of staff hired while the original chief of staff remained in place;


· the original chief of staff walk away; and


· the press secretary transferred out to a line department.




This follows a period in which questions were raised about the involvement of the Premier, his staff and ministers in the replacement of the CEO of Nalcor Energy, and conflicting stories from the Premier's Office about the removal of signs critical of the Premier from utility poles at public expense.




Davis said, “The province is facing challenging fiscal times and the harshest budget in decades, and people are seriously troubled about what’s still to come. The bond-rating agencies have already expressed concern about the Ball government’s lack of long-term planning and the potential impact of fiscal measures yet to be unveiled. At a time when a well-charted plan and a steady hand are critically needed, the top office of the government is in complete disarray.”




Interviewed recently on NTV about this disarray, the Premier said: “we are much better prepared now than we were seven months ago.”




Davis said, “It is disgraceful that the Premier is admitting his government was not prepared to govern when it took office seven months ago. But obviously, they are even less ready to lead now. The impacts on people of this lack of planning and direction are obvious and significant. The vast majority are dissatisfied with the leadership and direction of the Liberal government. People have lost trust, and what they are seeing unfold in the Premier’s office is doing nothing to give them confidence that this government can move the province forward.”






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