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Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22, 2016


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Ball Liberals are "Hands-On" Only When It Suits Them‎, and Unaccountable When It Doesn't


‎Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, was surprised to hear the Finance Minister taking credit for kicking Cathy Dornan off the McInnis Cooper contract when, under questioning in the House just weeks ago, she washed her hands of responsibility for the employment of the external communications specialist, saying it was the law firm's responsibility.


Davis said, "It's part of a Ball Liberal pattern to be hands-on only when it suits them, but hands-off and unaccountable whenever it doesn't, which is often."


In a statement this week, the Finance Minister said: "As of the end of June, government determined that the remaining communications work for collective bargaining would be completed internally. Government advised McInnes Cooper that external communications resources would no longer be required."


But under questioning in the House on May 10, the Finance Minister refused to take responsibility for the communications consultant, saying the government contracted with McInnis Cooper and "they chose who they bring in as a subcontractor."


"Now that she's taken ownership of the communications consultant's employment, maybe she can tell the public exactly what the province received for the $40,000 the consultant was paid," he said.


Davis said the Liberals took the same approach to replacing the CEO of Nalcor. If there were any difficult questions, it was always the board's responsibility‎. "Whenever they were asked questions about Nalcor that made them uncomfortable, the Premier and his Ministers tried to wash their hands and blame the board, even when they were directly engaged."


Davis said‎, "It's become a common theme, and people have learned to associate the Liberal brand with 'can't be trusted' because of this pattern of dodging and distorting the truth."


"When the questions are tough, the Premier and his Ministers go into hiding, refuse media requests for interviews and ignore questions from the Opposition and the public. Accountability means nothing if it's only when it's convenient. A government that won't own up to its mistakes is not to be trusted," he said.






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