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Cabinet Update Illustrates Liberals are Oblivious to the Concerns of the People




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the update from Premier Ball and his Cabinet on Thursday showcases a government that is totally oblivious to the concerns of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.




“The fact that as a Cabinet they are collectively pleased with their progress made to date demonstrates a total lack of regard for the people they were elected to serve. People feel betrayed by the Liberal government and this is evident by the recent MQO Research numbers, a document which is in stark contrast to the rosy picture the Premier and his Cabinet attempted to paint," said Davis.




The Official Opposition has highlighted just some of the many disappointments of the Liberal government's first eight months in office:




· Broke their election promise on the HST increase and cost the province almost $100 million in possible revenue;


· Campaigned on “no job losses” but cut 600 positions through Budget 2016 and created an environment of uncertainty and concern as the fall budget looms;


· Acknowledged their plan will result in 20,000 residents leaving our province and the loss of 33,000 jobs within five years;


· Revealed their budget choices will account for declines of 40 to 50 per cent in broad measures of economic activity;


· Mishandled the replacement and compensation of the former CEO of Nalcor, and refused to provide answers or release an internal report on the matter;


· Saw an exodus of senior Liberal staff and chief advisors from the executive offices;


· Reversed and suspended decisions that should have never been made causing undue suffering for the people of the province.




Davis stated, “The integrity of the Premier and the Liberal Cabinet Ministers has been publicly called into question because of disastrous missteps that have eroded the trust of the general public. People were promised better and they deserve better than the Liberal Government."






See also: Ball Government’s 200-Day Report Card: F’s Across the Board (June 29, 2016)




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