Upheaval in the Premier's Office

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Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12, 2016


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Upheaval in the Premier's Office Continues


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition said, "The ‎continuing upheaval in the Premier's Office is a sign of desperation to deflect from the public criticism the Liberals are getting for desperately poor governance."


"Changing the communications staff does nothing to change the ‎decisions the Liberals have made or the approach they have taken, which have crushed our economy, killed confidence, hurt families and fueled public outrage. They can't spin away the impacts of those deliberate choices," said Davis.


"The Liberals have proven themselves to be unprepared and unable to govern, and that is why public satisfaction has taken a nosedive.


"We've seen change after change in mere months - from the Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Press Secretary and the Communications Director - but around the Cabinet table, where the decisions are being made, it is the same people who have shown themselves to lack the listening, planning and delivery skills that are needed for effective governance," he said.








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