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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016


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Departmental Changes Will Impact People, But Lack Evidence-Based Analysis




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "The restructuring of government departments is missing the evidence-based analysis needed to determine its impact on people, particularly children and youth."




"Unfortunately, these decisions reflect the same absence of thorough analysis that was evident in the Liberals' budget decisions in the spring, some of which they have already had to reverse. This kind of decision-making is troubling and impacts people and our economy significantly. There is no indication of evidence-based decision-making to justify these changes. Is this restructuring the best way to make the government more effective and efficient, take advantage of attrition options, and reduce costs without impacting people? Without open scrutiny and analysis, it is impossible to know.




"It is concerning that, after so much effort was spent creating a separate and functioning Department of Child, Youth and Family Services, the government is throwing the department into upheaval. That department was created in response to serious concerns about child welfare. Will a larger department undermine the significant progress that CYFS has already made? What advice did the Child and Youth Advocate give about this? We can only assume the Child and Youth Advocate was consulted before this department was made larger.”




"It is also concerning that, after promising a greater role for seniors, the Liberals are eliminating a department dedicated to seniors' interests.“




"What will be the impact on our efforts to secure a more meaningful role for our province in fisheries management, now that we no longer have a fisheries department? These are questions that could have been answered through careful analysis and evidence-based decision-making.”


"Bringing the Office of Public Engagement within the Executive Council is not about listening to people, engaging with people or giving people a more meaningful say over decisions that impact them," said Davis.




“It is worth noting the patronage appointments of Liberals within the public service by the government that promised to take politics out of appointments. Today’s announcement is a desperate attempt by the Liberals to announce something to make it look like they are governing”.


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