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Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18,2016


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Ball Liberals Give Key Government Jobs to Liberal Friends


While Pretending to Take Politics Out of Appointments




Paul Davis, Leader of the Opposition, said, "After committing to 'take politics out of government appointments', the Ball Liberals have been handing out top-level 'nonpartisan' government jobs to failed Liberal candidates, former Liberal staffers and long-time Liberal friends."


"Dwight Ball's 2015 red book commitments began with a pledge to 'take politics out of government appointments.' Dwight Ball even issued a news release on August 1 boasting that 'Newfoundland and Labrador is the first Canadian province to establish a legislated merit-based appointment process.'


"Now Ball is lining up Liberal friends at the back door for key government jobs," said Davis.


‎Examples include:


· George Joyce, former Liberal candidate (and cousin of Minister Eddie Joyce), appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Labour Relations) to the Human Resources Secretariat;


· Lynn Sullivan, former Liberal candidate, appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Royalties and Benefits) in the Natural Resources department;


· Paula Walsh, former Liberal candidate, appointed ‎Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Safety and Enforcement) with the Justice and Public Safety department;


· Ted Lomond, former Liberal Party executive member, appointed Deputy Minister of the Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development department;


· Tony Grace, former Liberal political assistant in the Tobin era, appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Lands) in the Municipal Affairs department;


· Carla Foote, former Liberal political assistant (and daughter of Federal Minister Judy Foote), appointed Associated Secretary to Cabinet (Communications);


· Lauren Wiseman, former Liberal political assistant, appointed Director of Communications ‎with the Education and Early Childhood Development department.


"How shamelessly hypocritical of Dwight Ball to be riding his high horse‎ on political patronage while calling Liberal Party friends in through the back door and handing them key 'nonpartisan' posts on the payroll of the province. Where was the “merit-based process” the Liberals had committed to for these appointments?”


"The Ball Liberals have backed off on promise after promise they have made, and lack the integrity to admit it. The people of the province expect and deserve better," said Davis.






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