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Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016


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Davis Challenges Liberals to Produce the Evidence of Claimed 19% Reduction


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, is challenging Premier Ball and the Finance Minister to back up last week's "19 per cent reduction" statement with evidence.


When the Premier announced a departmental restructuring on August 17 in which "a number of departments and agencies will be combined and five departments and five deputy minister roles will be eliminated," he stated that this "represents a 19 per cent reduction."


Davis said, "The Premier's statement was written to imply the restructuring would produce a net reduction of 19 per cent.


"A 19 per cent reduction of what? What did that statement mean? Minister Bennett should clarify this statement and lay out the details of the savings the Premier has claimed.


"While cutting Deputy Ministers, the Liberals hired new Assistant Deputy Ministers, among others. The Liberals also hired Party loyalists in public service roles while removing employees capable of doing that work, incurring significant severance costs.


‎"The Liberals will probably incur significant other expenses because some of their restructuring choices may be poorly thought out - such as combining seniors' and children's services - and take significant time and resources to sort out. ‎If their past practices are an indication of the planning that has gone into this restructuring, then we should brace ourselves for turmoil, unforeseen consequences and reversals of what they have done.


"So what is the net impact of the restructuring to date? Is the 19 per cent figure anything other than a red herring, tossed out to mislead people into thinking something of significance has been achieved? Without the evidence, people are justified in dismissing the statement as meaningless,” added Davis.


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