Liberals Cheated People of Fair Return

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Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016


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Liberals Cheated People of Fair Return on School Sale:


Property Hits the Market for 10 Times its Sale Price




David Brazil, Education Critic for the Official Opposition, said, "Not only did the Ball Liberals cheat the people of Newfoundland and Labrador out of a fair return on a $2 million public asset, settling for less than a tenth of I.J. Samson’s appraised value, but now their incompetence is even more glaring as the buyer has placed this steal of a property on the market for ten times what the buyer got it for from the Liberals."


The former I.J. Samson school building‎, which the Liberals sold only a few weeks ago for $189,000, was just placed on the market by the buyer for $1.89 million.


"The Ball Liberals have to answer for their shocking incompetence in disposing of the assets that belong to the people of the province," said Brazil. ‎"In their desperation to raise revenue, they virtually gave away a valuable property for 10 cents on the dollar, only to have the buyer throw egg in their face by showing what the property is really worth on the market, listing it for essentially its initial appraised value."


"The Ball Liberals have violated their sworn obligation to manage the assets of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador competently. With a giveaway of this magnitude, how can the people of the province trust the Liberals to get a fair value for the other assets they say they will put up for sale to raise revenue? This is no way to manage the valuable assets of the people of the province," he said.


"The Liberals cannot pass the buck to Eastern School District for this fiasco, because the sale of public assets was a policy direction set by the Premier and Cabinet, and it was the obligation of the Premier, the Finance Minister, the Education Minister, the Transportation and Works Minister and the entire Cabinet to ensure that any and all sales delivered fair return to the people of the province, whose assets these are," he said.‎ "If the Cabinet lacks the ability or the concern to oversee the disposition of public assets in a more responsible manner than this, they shouldn't be putting these assets up for sale in the first place."


"What other assets of the people of the province are the Liberals preparing to give away?"


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