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Friday, September 16, 2016

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September 16, 2016


Planning Ramps Up for the Provincial PC AGM and Convention in October


Mark Whiffen, President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, said the Party’s Executive met on September 15 to finalize plans in advance of the Party’s 2016 Annual General Meeting and Convention, which will be held in Gander on October 22-23.


“With the AGM just five weeks away, our Party Executive held another preparatory meeting on September 15 to discuss events and finalize planning,” said Whiffen.


“The level of interest and anticipation is exceptionally high leading up to this year’s PC Convention, particularly in light of the unprecedented ground-swell of public dissatisfaction with the Ball Liberals less than a year after they took office. People by the thousands are looking for an alternative approach and a team ready to deliver it, and we are determined to fulfill our obligation to voters to be that alternative.


“Both as a Party and through the efforts of our Caucus in the House of Assembly, we have been working very hard to earn the people’s respect and confidence and to fulfill our obligation to hold the government to account as we ratchet up planning to offer voters the sound alternative they require in the next general election, which could come before 2019.


“There is much work to be done in all 40 districts of our province in advance of the next election, so we are joining forces, organizing, planning, engaging with people and opening our doors wide to the many in our province who agree that it is time for a real alternative to the current Liberal government,” he said.


“Recent published media reports that the Party Executive had postponed the AGM were inaccurate. We want to assure people that those reports were not truthful and to dispel any confusion they may have created among those planning to attend the Convention," said Whiffen.


“The sole focus of this AGM and Convention is to position our Party to be ready to deliver the alternative that Newfoundland and Labrador urgently needs. We will be ready!”


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