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No Denials from Ball Liberals About Selling Out Hydro Resources


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "Premier Dwight Ball needs to clearly state his administration's plans for the province's hydro resources in Labrador‎, including Muskrat Falls, Gull Island and the Upper Churchill."


"The Premier is silent, the Natural Resources minister is absent and the Liberals' new appointee to the helm of Nalcor Energy is raising all sorts of red flags that suggest there may be a grab for our province's hydro resources," said Davis.


"The Muskrat Falls project was designed to ‎end Quebec's longstanding stranglehold on our hydro exports by creating a new route through the Maritimes to give our province new leverage after Quebec played hardball for decades, costing us enormous amounts of potential revenue a year," said Davis. "In that light, red flags were raised when the Liberals' new appointee to the helm of Nalcor Energy invited Hydro-Quebec officials to tour the Muskrat Falls site."


‎"The Premier and his Cabinet ministers refuse to clearly deny that they may put hydro assets up for sale as part of their plan to sell off the province's assets to raise large sums of short-term cash," said Davis


"Hydro-Quebec is also eyeing our hydro assets. A retired executive of Hydro-Quebec, F. Pierre Gingras, has just published a scandalous opinion piece ‎in Montreal's La Presse newspaper, urging our province's government to sell Labrador to Quebec in exchange for 1,000 megawatts of power. Is this the kind of thinking that motivates the Hydro-Quebec officials that the Ball Liberals seem so eager to deal with? What is the Liberals' hidden agenda? If it was an agenda the people of our province would like, would the Liberals be hiding it?" asked Davis.


"The Natural Resources minister is nowhere to be found, and the Premier is doing nothing to dispel the notion that negotiations are in the works to sell or give away our people's hydro resources. The new head of Nalcor is working on building a relationship with Hydro-Quebec who have worked tirelessly for generations to keep us from benefiting fairly from the hydro resources in Labrador," said Davis.


"It's time for the Ball Liberals to give the people of our province clear answers about their intentions for the people's valuable energy resources, on which our future economic security is grounded," said Davis.


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