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Is Nalcor In Discussions With Hydro-Quebec? Minister's Curt Response Leaves Question Unanswered




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "A curt statement from Natural Resources minister Siobhan Coady on Monday fails to answer the question of whether Nalcor is in discussions with Hydro-Quebec on the sale of this province's hydro resources."


"Clearly, we hit a nerve when we raised questions about the Liberals selling out the province's hydro riches to Hydro-Quebec," said Davis.


"Instead of making herself available to answer simple questions, Minister Coady continued the Liberal pattern of not being available and responded with a prepared statement saying that 'There are no discussions between this government and the Quebec government', but she said nothing about whether there are talks between Nalcor and Hydro-Quebec ‎after Nalcor's new CEO invited Hydro-Quebec officials to tour the Muskrat Falls site," said Davis.


"The Natural Resources minister has been largely absent and silent despite important questions about what Nalcor's CEO is discussing with Hydro-Quebec or whether the province's hydro resources are among the assets the Ball Liberals are thinking about putting on the block to raise cash. Her response yesterday provided none of the details the people of the province require. Why are the Minister and the Premier ducking the questions that people are asking on such an important issue?" asked Davis.


"The Minister ‎should make herself available to respond to questions, not hide behind prepared statements that are full of rhetoric instead of the information that people need to know," he said.


"Our hydro resources belong to the people‎, and Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have already expressed clearly how they feel about attempts to sell them off or sell our province short. Our province has a long and painful history of dealing with the Quebec government's energy corporation, Hydro-Quebec, and people are wary of agreements that might provide short-term benefits but not be in our long-term best interests. They've seen such agreements materialize before under Liberal administrations. That's why people want to be fully informed and engaged when it comes to hydro, but neither the Premier nor the Minister are making themselves available to answer questions fully and clearly. The government's silence is what's driving public concern," said Davis.


"Nalcor's new CEO is actively engaging Hydro-Quebec. About what? What is being discussed? What is on the table? People want answers, but the Liberals continue to duck and dodge and have not made themselves available to provide those answers," said Davis.






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