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Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 29, 2016


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Ball Government’s “Way Forward” Process Should Make People Wary


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “The last time the Ball Liberals initiated a discussion process back in January, they used the feedback they gathered to blame others for the poor choices they made in their 2016 Budget, and people should be very wary that this new process - called ‘the way forward’ – is actually the way back to more of the same kind of decision-making that has people suffering and outraged.”


Davis said the process described by the Premier in his September 28 YouTube video is more about preaching to people than listening – more like “our way or the highway” than “the way forward.”


•The Premier in the video said “the choices that we have made” will be “presented publicly in a manner that is easy to understand” – in other words, an exercise in whitewashing their choices, not listening to alternatives.


•The event on October 11 is apparently by invitation only, not an open forum for feedback from those who want to he heard about the impacts of this government’s choices on them.


•One sentence is particularly telling: “It will build an understanding of the intended approach that government will use to guide future actions.” In other words, it will sell the approach the government has already decided to use, not hear feedback on options that would be better.


Davis said, “People need to remember a few lines from the 2016 Budget, where the Finance Minister blamed people for the government’s own choices, because it sounds like they are about to do so again.”


The Budget speech stated:


•“In March, we released the What We Are Hearing document, which provided valuable insight on the needs of the people of the province and assists government in addressing the province’s fiscal challenges. Some of the themes included: Introducing new or increasing existing taxes and fees….”


•“In each session we specifically asked - what is the one thing you want government to remember when making decisions. The answers included: Act now, don’t delay. Have the guts to make tough decisions….”


•“Our job, as a government, is to listen to those ideas, provide the evidence to support our actions and then act.”


“When is the fall budget that the Minister Finance committed to? Why more consultations on October 11 when the people of the province are in limbo waiting for the fall budget?" asked Davis.




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