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Historic Community Sustainability Partnership Announced in 2015


Being Ignored by Liberals




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “In April 2015, our administration announced a new community sustainability partnership, reflective of a two-year consultation process with stakeholders, including Municipalities NL. These recommendations submitted by Municipalities NL were not just a framework for future sustainability of our communities, but represented a list of concrete commitments adopted by our administration to deal with the legitimate concerns of municipalities, as identified during the complete review of the provincial / municipal fiscal framework."




"In response to the review of the fiscal framework, we responded with action on many of the recommendations and committed to a multi-year approach to address the future of all communities and regions. On the issue of regional governance, we moved forward in 2015 with the appointment of a regional governance advisory committee to explore and identify regional governance structures and report back in the spring of 2016; it included three different regional chairpersons to lead the process. ‎After almost a year, the Liberal government has provided no update on the committee's work to date.




“We committed to invest, and delivered in Budget 2015, additional revenue for municipalities in 2015 and in future years, including a partial rebate of the provincial portion of the HST, a share of gas tax revenues, a multi-year commitment to a floor beneath which municipal operating grants would not fall, and funding for a pilot project for regional water and wastewater operators. All of these recommendations were actioned.




“Churence Rogers, President of the Municipalities NL, stated in October 2015: 'Progress is being made on all initiatives of the community sustainability partnership and we are pleased to be part of the implementation. We look forward to working with our members to build on these initiatives and create a sustainable future for all communities.’




“The concrete actions we announced in 2015 were just to be the beginning.‎ The community sustainability partnership not only included a collaborative approach to advance regional governance, but also included discussions on municipal asset management, addressing infrastructure gaps, and the distribution of revenue from accommodations, business and realty sources,” said Davis.




“After 10 months in government, what has the current administration done to follow through on the significant advances we made and the continuation of our efforts and other recommendations of the fiscal framework? What happened to the working partnership we established with municipalities a year and a half ago to make communities more sustainable over the long term?”




Kevin Parsons, Opposition Municipal Affairs Critic, asked, “Why is the current Premier – nearly a year after taking office – still offering no concrete solutions to deal with municipalities’ legitimate concerns, but only meaningless rhetoric like ‘it’s moving today, it’s in real time’? This work was started based on recommendations in the fiscal framework from stakeholders including Municipalities NL.




“What has the Ball government been doing all this time?”








Media Contact: Heather MacLean, Director of Communications, Office of the Official Opposition


(709) 729 6105, heathermaclean@gov.nl.ca


Backgrounders –


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