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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11, 2016


For Immediate Release


Paul Davis Requests Leadership Convention to Elect a New PC Party Leader;


Will Continue to Lead in the Interim


Paul Davis, Leader of the Progressive Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, announced today that he has requested a leadership convention to elect a new PC Party Leader. Davis has offered to serve as the Party Leader until a new leader is elected.


Davis today wrote to PC Party President Mark Whiffen and the Party's Executive, formally requesting that a leadership convention be held - a request that initiates the leadership convention process under the Party's constitution.


Davis said, "Having spoken with people throughout our Party in recent weeks, I am confident that I would have had the Party's support ‎in the leadership motion that was to come at the annual general meeting on October 22.


"However, I also believe that there are some who would not have allowed the leadership issue to rest, regardless of the outcome of the vote, and that would have ensured it remained a significant distraction for all of us at a time when our Party needs to be focusing squarely on preparing to give the people of our province the alternative they are crying out for. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are deeply dissatisfied with the current government, and we have the obligation to make the people's need for a new government our number one priority and focus.


"It's never about any one person. It's about all the people of our province, and I believe that for the good of our Party and the good of our province, it is best to put this internal matter behind us decisively so we can move forward to earn the people's trust in the coming general election."


Davis has also requested the Party review and rewrite the Party’s constitution pertaining to the leadership election process to address shortfalls that exist and to modernize the way in which leadership conventions are held.


Davis will remain as MHA for Topsail Paradise for the full term.


“It is a great pleasure and privilege to serve the people of Topsail Paradise, and I remain committed to continue working on their behalf.


"Our Caucus has worked exceptionally hard over the past year to hold the government to account, raise concerns and offer alternatives, and we will continue to work relentlessly so the issues that really matter to people get the attention they deserve. Against that backdrop, the Party will move forward with the leadership convention and continue preparing for potential by-elections and the next general election.


"Having recently retired our Party's debt just nine months after the election, we are in a very good position for growth moving forward. Strong, united and focused, our Party will be ready when the next election is called," said Davis.


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For Immediate Release


October 11, 2016


PC Party Acknowledges Request by Leader Paul Davis for Leadership Convention


Mark Whiffen, President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador, said Party Leader Paul Davis has written to him today, pursuant to Article 11 of the Party's Constitution, requesting that a leadership convention be held to elect a new Party Leader.


Whiffen said the Party's Executive Committee will soon meet to establish a Convention Committee, which will oversee the process for electing a Party Leader at a time and date that will be determined.


Whiffen said the Party's Executive Committee will commence discussions immediately and continue them during the Party's annual general meeting in Gander on October 22-23.


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