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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016


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Is Dwight Ball Trying to Shut Down Muskrat Falls Project?




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "The Ball Liberals have failed to deliver proper management of the Muskrat Falls project, and their lack of engagement has led to unrest in Labrador and chaos with the project. It’s time for Dwight Ball to come clean with the people of Newfoundland and Labrador and indicate his true intentions with respect to Muskrat Falls.


“Since taking office, the Premier has appointed a new CEO of Nalcor (Stan Marshall), new Clerk of the Executive Council (Bern Coffey), and new Consumer Advocate (Dennis Browne) – all vocal opponents of the Muskrat Falls project. Is Dwight Ball setting up for a shutdown of the Muskrat Falls project? Is he setting up a federal Liberal takeover, or to sell assets to Quebec? It’s time for the CEO of Nalcor to tell people if he was hired to keep the project moving or to shut it down,” said Davis.


“For the past year, our efforts to get timely information on the project's progress, costs and assumptions have been ignored by the Liberals. A letter written to the Minister of Natural Resources in August requesting the updated project details and assumptions has still not been answered – which raises another flag. The Liberal government's negligence has not just denied people information, but eroded public confidence that the work is in good hands.


‎"As a result of the Liberals' inability or unwillingness and stay on top of issues, public concerns and unrest continued to escalate at a time the Premier decided to take a vacation. The Premier, the Minister and the new CEO of Nalcor have been absent when they should have been on the ground talking with people and helping to find solutions. Instead of taking a hands-on approach, they have not been engaged, not been listening and not seemed concerned with the growing unrest.


"The situation that was simmering for months has now boiled over. Proper leadership should have prevented these consequences from happening, but the Liberals have let people down.


"It is as if the Liberals are doing everything in their power to position the project to fail. It is time for the Premier, the Minister and Nalcor's new CEO to provide clear answers, and timely disclosure, and let people know their true intentions – do they want Muskrat Falls to succeed or to fail?" said Davis.




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