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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016


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Official Opposition Applauds Aboriginal Leaders for Finally Getting Premier Ball Engaged in Their Concerns on Muskrat Falls




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, is applauding the leaders the Innu Nation, the Nunatsiavut Government and the NunatuKavut Community Council and the people they represent “for finally getting Premier Ball engaged in their concerns and involved in the management of Muskrat Falls, a project he has neglected throughout his first year in office.




“Aboriginal leaders and community residents have held the Premier and his government to their obligation to manage the Muskrat Falls Project responsibly and collaboratively, with due respect for science and the vital importance of protecting people’s health,” said Davis.




“The Ball Liberals have taken a hands-off approach to the Muskrat Falls development throughout the past year, letting concerns grow instead of showing leadership and being open and collaborative with the people impacted. Their approach led to a crisis of confidence that would not have been resolved without the leadership of the Innu Nation, the Nunatsiavut Government and the NunatuKavut Community Council. They are to be applauded for getting the Premier to do his job after a year of flailing about with no direction.




“It was quite disrespectful of the Premier to diminish the efforts of Aboriginal leaders and protestors by saying the meeting would have taken place anyway, regardless of the protests and the hunger strike. Obviously, it was the protestors and hunger strikers who brought the Premier back from vacation and, at long last, to the table on Muskrat Falls.




“The absence and silence of Nalcor’s new CEO, Stan Marshall, on this agreement and the matters surrounding it leaves many questions unanswered. Was Stan Marshall a participant in the meeting? Was there any discussion about cost or impacts? What are the Liberals not telling us?




“We will be asking a great many questions in the coming days and months to determine the details and implications of the agreements reached on Tuesday, and continuing to hold the government to its obligations to manage this project – and all our energy and other affairs – responsibly, in the best interests of the people of our province,” said Davis.








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