ADM Layoffs: What Else Are They Not

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016


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ADM Layoffs: What Else Are They Not Telling Us?


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “With news that 15 Assistant Deputy Ministers are being laid off today, it is disturbing and disrespectful that the Minister of Finance made no reference to it today during the fall fiscal update. It is also disturbing if this was slated to happen on a day when the Premier was scheduled to be outside the province and unavailable for face-to-face interviews.”


“What else are the Liberals not telling people? What else are they hiding?”


Davis said, “The Liberals have a pattern of laying off highly qualified and experienced personnel and replacing them with Liberal friends, at great cost to the taxpayers in terms of severance payouts. It is made to look like a reduction at the management level when, in fact, it’s nothing but political patronage dressed up to look like something it’s not. They are politicizing the province’s public service in ways that have not been seen in generations.”


He noted that, since taking office, the Liberals have made a number of patronage appointments that we know of, which include four Assistant Deputy Ministers:


• George Joyce, former Liberal candidate (and cousin of Minister Eddie Joyce), appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Labour Relations) to the Human Resources Secretariat;


• Lynn Sullivan, former Liberal candidate, appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Royalties and Benefits) in the Natural Resources department;


• Paula Walsh, former Liberal candidate, appointed ‎Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Safety and Enforcement) with the Justice and Public Safety department;


• Tony Grace, former Liberal political assistant in the Tobin era, appointed Assistant Deputy Minister (Lands) in the Municipal Affairs department.


Other appointments with close political ties have included:


• Bern Coffey, former Liberal leadership candidate, appointed Clerk of the Executive Council;


• Ted Lomond, former Liberal Party executive member, appointed Deputy Minister of the Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development department;


• Carla Foote, former Liberal political assistant (and daughter of Federal Minister Judy Foote), appointed Associated Secretary to Cabinet (Communications);


• Lauren Wiseman, former Liberal political assistant, appointed Director of Communications ‎with the Education and Early Childhood Development department and reassigned to Advanced Education and Skills;


• Chris Pickard, political colleague of Minister Dale Kirby, appointed Director of Communications in Minster Kirby’s department.


Davis said, “The Liberals do not have a management or attrition plan to reduce the size and cost of government. Theirs is a plan to force their political agenda on the public service - a plan that has sent a frightening chill throughout the civil service. It’s time for the Liberals to come clean with the people of the province and public service employees and let them know what is going on, rather than continue to operate in secrecy and not communicate what they are up to.”




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