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Lack of Vehicle Inspectors ‎May Be Jeopardizing Children's Safety


David Brazil, ‎Education Critic for the Official Opposition, said, "With eight school buses taken off the road for failing safety inspections in recent weeks, parents are concerned for their children's safety, knowing that there are only enough inspectors to randomly inspect about 30 per cent of the buses on the road.


"Parents are asking me what might happen if some of the other 70 per cent of ‎buses that aren't being randomly inspected are not roadworthy? Are their children at risk?” said Brazil.


"The government needs to find a way to ensure that school buses are inspected and issues dealt with before children use them. Is the Minister of Education engaged in this issue? What steps has he taken to ensure that buses on the road are safe?


"Many of the province's inspectors have been doing this work for a long time and have insights to offer on how to do a better job of identifying the risky vehicles. The government ought to be listening to them and engaging them to find a better way of managing this.


"These inspectors are also responsible for inspecting other vehicles operating on our highways, such as tractor trailers and heavy equipment vehicles. They have a great deal of responsibility resting on their shoulders, and not a great many personnel to do the work province-wide‎. We need their expertise to ensure our roadways and the people traveling on them are safe.


"The buck stops with the Education Minister, the Service NL Minister and their colleagues in Cabinet to get this straightened out. With eight school buses found to be faulty in such a short period of time, clearly it's an issue that needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively," said Brazil.






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