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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016


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Vision Document is Not the Fiscal and Economic Growth Plan the Province Needs


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, says, “Premier Ball’s vision document is not the long-term fiscal and economic growth plan that the Ball Liberals promised, the bond-rating agencies demanded or the province needs. It is nothing but buzz words, platitudes and unanswered questions masquerading as a plan.


“This is the best the Liberals have to offer. Whether the 'Stronger Tomorrow', 'LEAP', 'Road Ahead', 'Way Forward' or 'Government Renewal Initiative Provincial Tour', the Liberals have failed to deliver a solid plan to the people of our province. What a sad disappointment it is to people who were looking for a reason to have confidence that our province’s future is in good hands.


“There is no economic growth plan to avoid the 30,000 job losses that the Premier’s Finance Minister just projected the province will experience under this government’s leadership in the next four years. Even the Auditor General is concerned about that, and this vision document has no vision to do anything about it,” said Davis.


“There is no attrition plan to minimize the impacts of decreasing government costs on people.


“A document that raises more questions than it answers is not a long-term plan. It’s an excuse for a plan from a government that has no idea where it is going.


“For a year, the Ball Liberals have been operating without a plan. This document proves they still lack the vision or the plan to lead. Their vision is unfocused. Their way forward is unclear. Instead of a clear path to growth and a steady hand at the wheel, Mr. Ball has delivered continuing uncertainty about the Liberals’ true intentions,” said Davis.




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