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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15, 2016


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Offshore ‎Bids Show Success of Long-term Energy Plan


Keith Hutchings, Official Opposition Critic‎ for Natural Resources, said, "The successful call for bids in the province's offshore is positive news, a result of the long-term planning approach the previous government took a decade ago, and it demonstrates the difference on economic planning between the PC and Liberal governments."


"The decision to develop a long-term energy plan included creating Nalcor to oversee energy assets and invest in seismic work to drive offshore exploration. Those decisions led to this latest success, and many others. We recognized that we have offshore resources to rival Norway's, and we followed their example to turn those resources into a diversified and sustainable long-term economic driver for decades to come. Even when oil prices are down, our oil industry still contributes to our economy, not only directly, but indirectly through the evolution and innovative support of companies that sell their expertise and knowledge locally and around the world. It was investment in our post-secondary institutions, in the Research & Development Corporation and in creating an investment climate for innovators and entrepreneurs that we made deliberate strategies and choices over the past decade to drive growth.


"The Liberals' 'vision' document, by contrast, is a thin, disjointed and an unfocused collection of platitudes that are a poor excuse for an economic plan compared to those of the past decade. After a year in governing Newfoundland and Labrador, this is the best the 'captains of industry' have to offer. The Premier said he doesn't like strategies, and that shows. He has failed to take a strategic, focused approach to any of our vast opportunities. His negative attitude, as demonstrated by recent comments regarding Newfoundland and Labrador in The Globe and Mail, further discourages investors and businesses from starting up or moving to our province to support many of the vast opportunities we have. A belief in our people and what we have and can accomplish is the message we need to be sending, but it is sadly missing from the Newfoundland and Labrador government today.


"This latest call for bids totals $758 million‎ - an enormous sign of confidence in the potential of new areas of our offshore identified by proactive seismic work. All of this is happening because of a deliberate long-term strategy, the very kind the Premier says does not work," said Hutchings.






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