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Troubling Answers from Premier Leave People in the Dark and Uneasy About Hydro Talks with Quebec


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "Premier Ball's refusal to provide straight answers about talks with Quebec on Churchill power is very concerning.


"Why did we have to learn from a Quebec Minister that our Premier has been talking for months with Quebec's Premier about ‎Labrador hydro assets?


"Our Premier is denying that any such talks are occurring, but then he ‎implies that they are. The new CEO of Nalcor has said that discussions are occurring and all options are being explored. Quebec says talks are occurring. Is our own Premier being forthright in disclosing what's being discussed, or is he playing with words to hide what he's up to?


"The Premier's behavior in question period - asking questions instead of providing answers on what his own government is up to - is very troubling. The Premier is refusing to commit to fully disclose the outcome of any‎ talks and to bringing it to the legislature for debate and ratification is also very troubling,” said Davis.


"This Premier has a poor track record of fully and truthfully disclosing information, and people don't trust him. Both the Government of Quebec and the CEO of Nalcor are being quite clear about ongoing discussions while our own Premier is dodging questions. Does Nalcor's CEO have the Premier's blessing as he talks with Quebec on behalf of the province?


"The Premier talks about discussions with Quebec not being there 'yet' while denying that discussions are happening at all. He denies Quebec's claims that discussions have been underway for months while asking what's wrong with having discussions. He refuses to state unequivocally that he won't cave in to Quebec's ultimatum that we abandon our court challenges. He refuses to state what Nalcor's CEO is discussing on behalf of his government with Quebec. He refuses to say what Ottawa is asking of the province with respect to Labrador hydro and Quebec. He refuses to commit to bring the results of any such discussions to the people and the House for a vote.


"The Premier is clearly trying to hide something from the people. Instead of inspiring trust, the Premier's answers are ringing alarm bells yet again, and that should make people throughout the province very uneasy.


“We have very good reasons for not trusting Quebec to negotiate agreements that are fair to us, and it is deeply troubling that the Premier is refusing to fully disclose to our own people what his government is discussing with Quebec or willing to offer Quebec behind closed doors," said Davis.






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